Metaphysics Papers

A Proof of Free Will
Hard determinism is self-refuting, in that the existence of free will follows from a necessary presupposition of rational thought, along with obvious auxiliary premises.

The Primacy of Existence and
The Objectivist Theory of Free Will:
The Ayn Rand Institute awarded me first prize for these two essays in their 1995 essay contest for graduate students.

Do Modal Claims Imply the Existence of Possible Worlds?
A criticism of David Lewis' mad theory of possible worlds. Relies heavily on the analytic/synthetic distinction. Written for a graduate seminar in Fall, 1994.

What Is the Mind/Body Problem?
A short explanation.

The Philosophical Complaint against Emergence
A seminar paper from 1992, on the theory of emergent properties (in metaphysics/philosophy of mind).

An Argument against Nominalism.
A brief criticism of resemblance nominalism.

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