Miscellaneous Papers

Quantum Mechanics for Philosophers
Explains the basic stuff you need to know in order to think about the interpretation of quantum mechanics. Why do people say QM implies that "observers create reality", etc. Also, explains why Bohm's interpretation is better than the Copenhagen Interpretation.

Why I Am Not an Objectivist
Several points where I differ with the philosophy of Ayn Rand (long). This was posted to alt.philosophy.objectivism in March, 1996.

Critique of "The Objectivist Ethics"
Picks up numerous points that I missed in "Why I Am Not an Objectivist."

Why Relativity and QM Are False
This is a copy of a message I posted to the usenet newsgroup, sci.philosophy.meta, in May, 1996. It explains the EPR paradox and Bell's Theorem in simple terms. For "QM" read "the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics."

The Mysteries of Existence
There really aren't as many mysteries as philosophers claim. In most cases, the 'argument' that X is 'mysterious' is completely vacuous.

Student Evaluations
Reviews some of the literature on student evaluations of professors. Identifies several serious problems with their use.

Guide to Writing
Some tips for writing papers and some common student errors.

Explanation of the Twin Paradox
Gives the correct resolution of the "Twin paradox" of Special Relativity.

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